enabling the "Internet of Things in Motion".



The situation today:

The bulky and obstructive form of currently available Beacons combined with high maintenance effort reduces the attractiveness of Beacons deployment in many applications.

Our solution:

The bendable, battery-free and maintenance-free Solar Beacon Stickers will enable a ubiquitous IoT.



We enable a self-developed solar-driven Bluetooth Beacon to be a maintenance-free indoor location and goods tracking system.

This can be integrated as desired into existing inventory systems.

The flexible solar cell allows the beacons to be used on any surface without affecting the use of the object.

They can be operated at up to 200lx. This is equivalent to a dimly lit hallway. Their size is 5cm * 5cm (2’’*2’’).



Search times of limited resources cost unnecessary time. They slow down processes and thus cost unnecessarily money.

The regular inventory or active tracking of these is not always feasible. In most cases, it is only possible to implement it with increased personnel costs.

Areas of application are wherever people use the same limited resources or need indoor GPS.

Especially on construction sites, these Solar-Beacons are beneficiary, thanks to their long lifetime, Bluetooth compatibility and maintenance-freedom.

Our maintenance-free system eliminates this effort. Efficiency and effectiveness are simultaneously improved.

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